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Forged in Purgatory

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What Today's Cross Strait Leaders Can Learn From Sun Yat-Sen
Wang Zhongfang shares his views on cross straits relations and discusses whether Sun Yat-Sen's Three Principles of the People have been forgotten on both sides.
Seymour and Audrey Topping recall their impressions of Zhou En-Lai and compare his vision to the reality of modern China.
Professor Richard Hardiman discusses major institutional and policy changes necessary for China to solve its water management problems.
Mei Yan tells the story of the deal that broke open the Chinese market to foreign media.
Michael Chinoy reveals the hoops reporters past and present must jump through to bring China news to global attention.

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Hardiman Opportunities in the Water Management and Treatment Industry in China
Richard Hardiman - Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Professor
There is a popular myth that China does not have enough water to satisfy the needs of its own population and industry.  Professor Hardiman exposes the truth behind water shortage, that inefficient infrastructure and failed water-education and...
husayn anwar Opportunities and Trends in the Clean Technology and Renewable Energy
Husayn Anwar - Long Runn Investment Group, Investment Director
Dr. Anwar discusses trends and opportunities for clean technology companies in China, as well as Long Runn Investment Group’s role in developing this sector by developing public/private partnerships that create new efficiencies and synergies along...
Wu Changhua China is Trying Hard to be a Positive Environmental Example to Other Countries
Wu Changhua - The Climate Group, Greater China Director
Ms. Wu talks about China’s strategy to balance economic growth with sustainable development.  As the world’s most populous country and foremost exporter, China faces a difficult challenge to prevent its economic miracle from turning into an...

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Michael Kurtz Understanding Chinese Market Forces
Michael Kurtz - Macquarie Securities, Head of China Research
China is more efficient and open than it has ever been, but the government still has a heavy hand in the market.  No analysis of China’s financial markets is realistic unless it accounts for...
victor nee Proper Mindset for Doing Deals in China
Victor W. Nee - Beijing Innovative Consulting Inc., Director
Victor W. Nee talks about the importance of building synergy in China, whether it is with the government or your local partner. Since confidence and personal trust are even more important than any...
Wang Wei China M&A: Understanding Government Mentality
Wang Wei - China Merger and Acquisition Group, Chairman
China is embarking on its own path to globalization and increasing its presence in international markets as it continues to evolve its companies and society. Wang Wei shares his perspectives on the M...

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