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Experts Share Successful and Effective Best Practices.

Being the First In - Selling Skin Care in the Chinese Market

olya eastman Being the First In - Selling Skin Care in the Chinese Market

Olya Eastman is a long-time resident of Shanghai and who relocated from Vladivostok, She is the founder of Delicious! A revolutionary concept in skin care in China. She describes the ideal employee, best practices for entering the China market and the challenge of raising awareness of natural skin care products.

Comparing Business in China and Russia

Olya Eastman Comparing Business in China and Russia

Olya Eastman talks about the nature of business in China.  She says the experience of conducting business in China is similar to that in Russia.  In both countries “Guanxi”, or “relationships”, are instrumental to conducting business.  However, China distinguishes itself thanks to friendly people and a constantly improving level of transparency.

Opportunities and Risks in Fine Arts Services in China

Tan Soo Liap Opportunities and Risks in Fine Arts Services in China

The amazing rate of economic growth in China has created a surge in the middle class.  Propelled forward by increasing affluence, local administrations and the national government have invested heavily in numerous art and cultural venues (museums, exhibition centers, etc.).  Mr. Tan talks about his optimistic forecast for the fine arts and performing arts industry in China.  He also considers the challenges this industry will face in the future, including the possibility of inflation.


The Montessori Method in Shanghai

Judy Townsend 1

Ms. Townsend gives a general description of the Montessori Method of education and its advantages over conventional education.

Dr. María Montessori, an Italian doctor and educator, developed the Montessori Method from her observations of the behavior of children in a natural environment and visualized the Method as a holistic approach to education.

Ms. Townsend talks about her decision to move to China to spread the Montessori Method, and explains the features that make this method different from any other approach to children's education.

Empathetic Education Breeds Happy Citizens: Montessori in China

Judy Townsend 3

Judy Townsend talks about her experience in Shanghai and her forecast for the development of the Montessori organization in China.

China’s economic boom is bringing quality education within reach to many more people than at any time in China’s past.  While gains in material wealth are impressive, Judy Townsend is concerned that traditional values in China are being eroded by consumerism.

Environmental Remediation: Risks and Opportunities in China

Wen Jei Fang 2

In China, 30% of the usable land is considered contaminated, leading to over $400 billion US dollars in environmental earmarks in the 12th Five Year Plan (2010-2015). As awareness of environmental problems increases and enforcement is strengthened, there will be immense opportunities in China for companies that can help reduce pollution and mitigate the adverse environmental effects of rapid economic development.

Meet the Chinese Counterfeiter

Kevyn Kennedy Meet the Chinese Counterfeiter

The counterfeiter is a person who sees an opportunity to make an arbitrage gain by stealing another person’s intellectual property.  Benefiting from superior knowledge of the local market and supply chain and a willingness to take risks, counterfeiters thrive by being more attuned to market demand and supply deficiencies.  The counterfeiters can deliver in bulk anywhere on the planet in fewer than 7 days.

Building High Performance Multicultural Teams in China

Hora Tjitra Building High Performance Multicultural Teams in China

Dr. Hora Tjitra explains how to unlock the potential of multicultural teams in China, which according to his research perform either considerably better or considerably worse than mono-cultural teams, but rarely the same.  A deep appreciation of your team's cultural assets can give your company the edge to succeed in China's dynamic market.. He discusses how managers who learn to correctly identify and leverage cultural differences among team members can gain a competitive advantage inside and outside their organization, especially in large, complex projects.

Success or Failure: Communication is Critical in China

Laurie Underwood Success or Failure: Communication is Critical in China

The CEO in China faces two major responsibilities.  The first is to explain the local realities to the senior management regionally and at headquarters.  The second is to manage government relations in China.  Both tasks involve bridging different business cultures and languages.  Success or failure hinge on managing both processes well.

China Entrepreneur: Voices of Experience from 40 Business Pioneers

Laurie Underwood China Entrepreneur: Voices of Experience from 40 Business Pioneers

China is now the world’s second largest economy and a hotspot for direct foreign investment. It holds enormous potential for entrepreneurs, and small and medium-sized enterprises are now emerging as a significant source of the nation’s industrial output. Understanding and navigating inherent cultural differences and the constantly changing legal and regulatory environment are critical to survive and thrive in this dynamic arena. 

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