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Modern Migrant Entrepreneur

Ji Modern Migrant Entrepreneur

Mr Ji gives a voice and a face to the daily realities of 200 millions of modern migrant entrepreneurs in China, who seek a better life in a rapidly changing society. This is the world’s largest human migration in history. Mr. Ji left his home of farmers in rural Renyi Shandong province and came to Shanghai to earn a living and support his family. He opened a small breakfast stand preparing his secret hometown recipe for “Cui Bing” (crispy pancake).

Starting and Growing a Business in China

Mark Secchia Transplanting a Business Model to China, Often a Risky Proceedure

Mark Secchia discusses Sherpas’ business model in terms of marketing, finance and growth strategy. He shares his experience and rationale for decisions such as focusing on servicing the English-speaking expatriate community exclusively and expanding the business by offering the same service in different cities, instead of trying to service other customer segments or deliver other products in Shanghai.

He also provides valuable insight on Sherpas’ self-sufficient approach to finance issues and tells us about his plans and strategies for future expansion.

China Entrepreneur: Voices of Experience from 40 Business Pioneers

Laurie Underwood China Entrepreneur: Voices of Experience from 40 Business Pioneers

China is now the world’s second largest economy and a hotspot for direct foreign investment. It holds enormous potential for entrepreneurs, and small and medium-sized enterprises are now emerging as a significant source of the nation’s industrial output. Understanding and navigating inherent cultural differences and the constantly changing legal and regulatory environment are critical to survive and thrive in this dynamic arena. 

Lessons for Entrepreneurs in China's Service Industry

Georgie Yam Lessons for Entrepreneurs in China's Service Industry

The service industry psychology is that the customer experience is paramount.  Georgie Yam warns that taking care of your employees should also be a priority, lest their unhappiness trickle down throughout the business.  He recommends that entrepreneurs in the service sector invest themselves in genuinely caring about improving the quality of life of their staff, so they can in turn focus on their job and deliver the experience customers expect.

Starting Up in China: Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Lessons for Entrepreneurs and Startups in China-Regulatory Loans Education

Calvin discusses differences between the business environments in the US and China as they relate to tech startups. He argues that even though Qifang had a long development period compared to a similar venture in the US, this delay allowed him and his partners an opportunity to learn more about the community and the customers they would be serving before launch. This extended “learning period” also uncovered advantages such as a flexible regulatory environment when it comes to social entrepreneurship in China.

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