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Building High Performance Multicultural Teams in China

Hora Tjitra Building High Performance Multicultural Teams in China

Dr. Hora Tjitra explains how to unlock the potential of multicultural teams in China, which according to his research perform either considerably better or considerably worse than mono-cultural teams, but rarely the same.  A deep appreciation of your team's cultural assets can give your company the edge to succeed in China's dynamic market.. He discusses how managers who learn to correctly identify and leverage cultural differences among team members can gain a competitive advantage inside and outside their organization, especially in large, complex projects.

Lessons for Entrepreneurs in China's Service Industry

Georgie Yam Lessons for Entrepreneurs in China's Service Industry

The service industry psychology is that the customer experience is paramount.  Georgie Yam warns that taking care of your employees should also be a priority, lest their unhappiness trickle down throughout the business.  He recommends that entrepreneurs in the service sector invest themselves in genuinely caring about improving the quality of life of their staff, so they can in turn focus on their job and deliver the experience customers expect.

Developing China's Young Leaders

Marjorie Woo Developing China's Young Leaders

Ms. Woo discusses key differences between western and Chinese leadership styles and best practices to unleash the leadership potential of your employees in China. As most organizations are composed of diverse talents, understanding the differences and how to efficiently blend the best creates highly successful teams.

Building a High-Performance Crisis Preparedness Team

David chard Building a High-Performance Crisis Preparedness Team

When a fire is already out of control, it may not be the most opportune time to discuss the organization of a fire department.  David Chard explains the steps every company should take to ensure top management, key public-facing managers and every employee are provided with the knowledge and tools necessary to properly respond to emerging crisis situations and protect the company’s assets and reputation in the long term.

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