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Forged in Purgatory

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Wang Wei on the China M&A Association

Wang Wei Wang Wei on the China M&A Association

China is the largest M&A market in Asia.  The China M&A Association provides the research, experience and the guanxi necessary to help deals move forward.  With clubs in five cities, each headed by a prominent local official and members taken from the top five players in any given field, the China M&A Association is a positive catalyst and resource to change China for the better. Mr Wang says:


Paper Vs. Reality: Doing Due Diligence in China

mike lee Paper Vs. Reality: Doing Due Diligence in China

Michael discusses best practices to conduct due diligence in Merger and Acquisition (M&A) transactions in Greater China. Unlike in the west, China due diligence is not verifying documents on a checklist. The key is to verify information in the context of a changing society. If one does not understand that society’s past, present and future, the mechanical exercise could create significant operational issues. The due diligence process does not end at the closing.

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