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Challenges and Opportunities in China's Green Building Market

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Ms. Menant talks about the current state and future challenges and opportunities in China’s green building market. While the real estate sector has experienced sustained growth, fueled by government incentives and more stringent energy efficiency regulations, the market is still far from mature. A need exists for government legislation and incentive schemes that balance the interests of local communities, building users, developers and operators alike.

 China’s Green Building market suffers from a fundamental imbalance between the cost to developers and the benefits to residents.  Government incentives have only been able to spur a couple hundred pilot projects while developers shy away from high starting cost eco-friendly projects, in favor of carbon copied high-rises with higher profit margins.  econet china is trying to change that dynamic by pooling the resources and technology of Germany’s largest firms in China to show that a sustainable alternative to the “concrete jungle” is possible.

 Ms. Menant also discusses how trends such as growing urbanization rates and rapid economic development can act as a catalyst to spark the development of entire eco-cities if key stakeholder communication and cooperation is improved and effective legislation is passed.

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About Magali Menant

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Since 2002, Magali Menant has been in charge of promoting Sino-German cooperation on environment and energy efficient construction. In 2007, Ms. Menant and her team developed a platform called econet china, aiming to promote Sino-German cooperation for sustainability, with a focus on the promotion for concept for energy efficiency in building. Prior to that, led projects including the design and implementation of the marketing and communications... [Full Bio]
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