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Challenges for Innovation and Creativity in China

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China’s next stage of post-manufacturing development will transition to a “global creativity center.” Innovation will be the key driver behind a vibrant knowledge-based, high value-added economy.  David Ben Kay discusses the challenges facing Chinese companies in creative and high-tech industries as they strive to move from “licensee” to “licensor.”

 David Ben Kay draws from his experience as an intellectual property lawyer and art gallery owner to discuss the challenges facing China as the government realizes that innovation is the key driver behind a vibrant knowledge economy that allows the country to maintain its economic growth rate as it transition from a global manufacturing center to a global creativity center. China has in the past been a place renowned for copying instead of creating, but the government has stated its committed to fostering innovation.  The challenge and the opportunity is the same in the art world, financial world and the manufacturing world -- to create long-term value.

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About David Ben Kay

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A lawyer who specialized in intellectual property, David was able to expand his interests in the creative world when he entered Microsoft to lead the company’s endeavors to spread the value of creativity and innovation to both the government and the general public. At the same time, David deepened his exploration of his own creative side, moving into a space at 798 where he designed and created a unique loft which has now metamorphosed into the... [Full Bio]
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