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Eco-nomics and the Permaculture Movement in Taiwan

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In China many people share the incorrect belief that more development must mean less nature.  Tammy Turner suggests that Taiwan’s experience is a good reference, since an increasing number of people are leading both prosperous and eco-friendly lives through Permaculture. This type of environmental economics is not a zero-sum game.

 Ms. Turner discusses current and future trends in the Permaculture movement, focusing in Taiwan. She explains how Permaculture can be applied to economic planning, serving as a buffer against the waste and volatility that result from incorrect economic predictions.  She describes several successful applications of Permaculture principles in Taiwan, including a "subscription farming" project, in which communities support local organic farmers by investing in their farms and ordering produce for the following season in advance. The advantage to the community is a secure, sustainable and accountable food supply, and the advantage to the farmer is a guarantee against growing unwanted crops that can’t be sold. 

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NEW AGE claptrap or what?

March 26, 2012 by Biko Lang (not verified), 7 years 1 day ago
Comment: 43

Tammy re this and shoot me back the answers later.... shieh shieh

John Robin has criticized permaculture for its potential to spread environmental weeds.[30] Another critique of permaculture is that the view that woods are more highly productive than farmland on the basis of the theory of ecological succession which states that net productivity declines as ecosystems mature is false.[31] Proponents of permaculture respond that this is only false if one includes data from climax vegetation as opposed to maturing forests.[32] Some critics have questioned whether there is enough scientifically tested data to validate many of the claims promoted by permaculture advocates.[31]

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Tammy Turner - Pristine Communications
Tammy Turner has over fifteen years of international marketing and multilingual localization/translation experience and over ten years of Internet and web communications experience. An American fluent in Chinese with extensive training and interest in both the humanities and the sciences, Tammy is responsible for project design and planning for most of Pristine's multilingual communications projects. She currently serves as an international... [Full Bio]
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