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Front Line NGOs in China: Challenges and Success Stories

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Golden Bridges is dedicated to building sustainable capacity of China’s NGO sector. The society’s needs are not always fully addressed by the government nor the private sector so the “civil society” requires people and community based efforts to focus on a broad range of human needs. Holly talks about challenges faced by front line NGOs in China, including competition from the government and an unclear and undeveloped legal system. Unlike other countries, China has a number of "Government-Organized Non-Government Organizations (GONGOs)", which directly or indirectly receive a disproportionate amount of available funding. For example, about 80% of all charitable donations made in the aftermath of the 2008 Sichuan earthquake were funneled to the Chinese Red Cross and other GONGOs. She shares success stories of international NGOs operating in China today.

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About Holly Chang

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Holly founded Golden Bridges in 2007 as part of her tireless life endeavor to make a difference in the lives of other people. Before founding Golden Bridges, Holly held management positions for six years as an engineer at United Parcel Service, coordinating complex, time-sensitive and crisis-prone operations in their 4 million square-foot (400,000 sqm) international sortation hub.  She has successfully worked on large-scale events... [Full Bio]
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