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Forged in Purgatory

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Pioneering New Media Art in China

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David Ben Kay decided to leave behind his life as Microsoft's Anti-Counterfeiting Czar, and devote himself to making a home for New Media Art in China, the Yuanfen gallery in Beijing's legendary 798 art district.  New Media Art combines the aesthetic experience of viewing classical art, with the immediacy of creation that is the hallmark of the digital age. 

All the art I display at Yuafen has a very strong technology component to it. I look for artists who are doing things that are interesting, challenging, cutting edge and a little bit dangerous

-David Ben Kay

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About David Ben Kay

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A lawyer who specialized in intellectual property, David was able to expand his interests in the creative world when he entered Microsoft to lead the company’s endeavors to spread the value of creativity and innovation to both the government and the general public. At the same time, David deepened his exploration of his own creative side, moving into a space at 798 where he designed and created a unique loft which has now metamorphosed into the... [Full Bio]
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