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Mike Chinoy - USC US-China Institute, Senior Fellow
Our good friend Mike Chinoy and his colleagues at the USC US-China Institute recently released their latest documentary titled "Assignment: China - The Week That Changed The World". The...
Seymour and Audrey Topping Talks with Zhou En-Lai
Seymour and Audrey Topping - The New York Times, Former China Correspondents
Seymour and Audrey Ronning Topping describe their 1971 interview with China’s premier Zhou En-Lai. It was the first interview that he gave to  American correspondents in decades.  Audrey...
Jeremy Goldkorn Meet the Chinese Netizen
Jeremy Goldkorn -, Founder and Editor in Chief
There are 400,000,000 Chinese netizens. 55% of them are blogging.  They are young, spend much of their free time online, and have more friends online that they do in real life. They are very...
Mike Chinoy Reporting From China, Challenges in the Field
Mike Chinoy - USC US-China Institute, Senior Fellow
As China has relaxed controls on internal movement, controls on press freedom have also relaxed.  Mike Chinoy recalls the early days of reporting from China, when government minders, frightened...
Mei Yan A History of Foreign Media in China
Mei Yan - MTV Greater China, CEO
The role of music, culture and media in the evolution of societies is widely recognized worldwide.  Mei Yan outlines the shift of young audience tastes from foreign to local content, the...
david ben kay Pioneering New Media Art in China
David Ben Kay - Yuanfen~Flow Business Incubator, Chairman
David Ben Kay decided to leave behind his life as Microsoft's Anti-Counterfeiting Czar, and devote himself to making a home for New Media Art in China, the Yuanfen gallery in Beijing's legendary 798...
david ben kay Challenges for Innovation and Creativity in China
David Ben Kay - Yuanfen~Flow Business Incubator, Chairman
China’s next stage of post-manufacturing development will transition to a “global creativity center.” Innovation will be the key driver behind a vibrant knowledge-based, high value-added economy....
Laurie Underwood China Entrepreneur: Voices of Experience from 40 Business Pioneers
Laurie Underwood - CEIBS, Director of Communications
China is now the world’s second largest economy and a hotspot for direct foreign investment. It holds enormous potential for entrepreneurs, and small and medium-sized enterprises are now emerging as...
Jeremy Goldkorn Journalistic Self-Censorship in China
Jeremy Goldkorn -, Founder and Editor in Chief
A culture of self-censorship has proven more effective than direct orders from official state propaganda departments.  The thin line between permitted news and taboo is unclear and constantly...


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