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Forged in Purgatory

iChinaForum is proud to present the first ever personal account of the Cultural Revolution written and published by a high ranking political insider in English. [Learn More]



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The following advertising opportunities are available to promote your products, services and special events to our audience of international and China-focused executives, entrepreneurs and other corporate decision makers. For more details and pricing, please contact:

Juan Carlos Madrigal
Tel: +886-2-2536-9789
Fax: 886-2-2531-5814
Email: jmadrigal [at]

Banner Ads

Banner ads are the basic building block of every succesful online campaign, since they generate traffic to your website, enhance your brand recognition and provide easy to calculate return on investment.

Prices vary depending on size and location on the website as shown in the table below:



Header Middle Section

234 x 60 Half Banner

Left Sidebar

120 x 60 Button
120 x 90 Button
160 x 600 Vertical
120 x 240 Vertical

Right Sidebar

120 x 60 Button
120 x 90 Button
160 x 600 Vertical
120 x 240 Vertical

Content Top

468 x 60 Banner
392 x 72 Banner
125 x 125 Square

Content Bottom

468 x 60 Banner
392 x 72 Banner
125 x 125 Square


468 x 60 Banner
392 x 72 Banner
125 x 125 Square

Performance-based fee schemes are available and discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Embedded Video Ads

Get your viewers’ undivided attention and increase user engagement by embedding your message in our video player, either before (pre-roll) or after (post-roll) a presentation.

Pre-roll ads are ideal if you want to guarantee that every viewer is exposed to your message. Post-roll ads provide the same brand recognition benefits but are less intrusive and can be longer, since they are played after each presentation.

Ad Type


Static Pre-Roll

5 Seconds

Static Post-Roll

15 Seconds

Video Pre-Roll

10 Seconds

Video Post-Roll

30 Seconds

Custom Branded Presentation Series

The key to a successful online advertisement campaign is context, and our team can help you build it by developing a custom series of presentations that showcases your firm’s expertise, or how your products/services can help our audience succeed in any aspect related to business in China. Presentations in the series can feature speakers from your firm, clients or partners, and we can help identify suitable speakers within our community to join as well.

Example custom content offerings include:

  • A series focused on socially responsible investment in China, sponsored by a financial institution featuring their own experts as well as NGO leaders and CSR experts.
  • A series focused on the key issues and trends related to talent management sponsored by an executive search firm featuring their own experts and high level HR managers from multi national corporations.
  • A series focused on renewable energy in China sponsored by a private equity/venture capital firm featuring their own professionals, policy makers and technology experts.

Custom presentation series provide the following benefits:

  • Deliver a targeted and relevant message by addressing the topics your audience is looking for.
  • Your presentation series will be featured in our front page and listed as an additional category on different sections of the site.
  • Every individual presentation page will display a “made free for the community by:” label.
  • A custom mix of branding vehicles on individual presentation pages including banner ads, custom text and images

Custom Promotion Strategies

Contact us and let us know about your particular needs. We will work with you to design a custom campaign featuring a unique mix of the services described above or develop new ways to help you maximize the impact of your advertising dollars.

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